The Latest Issue of LTC Connection | October 2016
Feature | Our Roster Method Works
Professional Medical, Inc. (ProMedB) has been a registered and accredited Medicare Part B provider to the long-term care market since 1982, over 34 years. ProMedB has one of the longest running Medicare Part B programs in the country and is completely blemish-free.

We are dedicated to reducing your bottom line by capturing all eligible Medicare Part B charges. Utilizing our Roster Method, ProMedB billing specialists will work with your staff to assure all charges for supplies provided to eligible residents are captured in these covered product categories: enteral feeding, urological, ostomy care, tracheostomy care and wound care. Our roster assists with tracking, care responsibilities and survey preparedness.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has helped to make the Medicare billing process more effective and efficient. Our ProMedB specialists can assist with accurately identifying and gathering required documentation right from your system, helping save your staff time and effort. We have expertise with the largest EMR systems; SigmaCare, Visions, Point Click Care, MatrixCare, American HealthTech, American Data, Therap and HSMS.

ProMedB streamlines finances by utilizing one simple form for billing all payor sources including Medicare Part B, Medicaid and alternate insurance. Medicare Part A residents are indemnified for your facility and we aim to capture all eligible charges for residents under Medicare Part B.

To learn more about our Roster Method and how ProMedB billing specialists can help you capture all eligible charges contact your ProMed territory manager or give us a call at 800-648-5190.

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