The Latest Issue of LTC Connection | February 2017
Spotlight | ProHeal Liquid Supplements Heals from Within
The ProHeal line of liquid supplements was designed to take wound care to the next level. Each of the four ProHeal formulations was developed to assist with specific health concerns.

ProHeal is a medical food developed for the dietary management of wounds as well as other conditions that would benefit from extra protein intake, including hypoalbuminemia, involuntary weight loss, anorexia, protein calorie malnutrition, muscle wasting conditions such as AIDS and cancer, dialysis and bariatric surgery.

ProHeal™ Critical Care is a concentrated blend of hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein for maximum protein content and absorption. It also contains vitamin C and L-Arginine for collagen synthesis and increased blood flow to wound areas as well as zinc and copper, co-factors in connective tissue reproduction.

FiberHeal combines the laxative and stool-softening effects of fiber and FOS with all-natural sorbitol, which aids in gentle elimination without diarrhea. As part of a healthy diet, FiberHeal helps maintain regularity, lower cholesterol levels and support blood sugar control.

UTIHeal creates an environment that inhibits the growth of infection-causing bacteria while promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the urinary tract. The concentrated cranberry-based formula also contains vitamin C, D-Mannose and Erythritol as well as FOS (Inulin) to promote urinary tract health and infection prevention.

To learn more about the ProHeal line, contact your ProMed territory manager, give us a call at
(800) 648-5190 or visit us online at for additional information.

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